365(1) is a tool that was developed with one sole purpose – simplicity. It is not only a free learning solution for Chinese lovers who wish to learn Chinese without any hesitation, but it is also an everyday Chinese learning experience. In 365(1)PACE MANDARIN  has adopted an everyday learning approach by implementing a simple rule: learn one character a day, learn it well and be overwhelmed with confidence by the end of each week about what you have learnt. Basically, a Chinese Character a day, keeps the language barrier away!

Pinyin Master

Mastering the Pinyin system and Mandarin Chinese pronunciation is the foundation for successful learning of the Mandarin Chinese language. Pinyin is the name of a romanised form of the Mandarin Chinese written language. It is essentially a phonetic Roman alphabet used in dictionaries and Chinese language textbooks as well as in Chinese word processing systems. Let the PACE MANDARIN Pinyin Masterguide you to proficiency in mastering the pronunciation of “Hàn-yǔ Pīn-yīn”.

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