Apart from combining the Mandarin Chinese language programmes to your specific needs, PACE MANDARIN’s approach to the delivery of the programmes is also innovative and delivered with impact. We emphasise on strong collaboration by working together with you to ensure optimum benefit from mutual interaction. We believe that creative ideas are derived with the intention to enable individuals to envision practical use of the language and realise extraordinary results. We do not only teach the language, we also share the Chinese culture to enhance each individual’s learning and understanding level through a combination of topical learning such as role-play, debates, discussions, conversations, etc.

We give priority to helping individuals first grasp the basic skills of Mandarin Chinese. Our method is built upon sound linguistic principles as well as research and experience, making use of all the personal resources and sense perceptions of an individual, thus experiencing the language instead of being lectured. Individuals who enjoy PACE MANDARIN’s effective and rapid method of learning is a result of our passion in teaching, sharing, improving and constantly innovating – separating us from our competitors.

PACE MANDARIN is committed to have every individual who walks the Mandarin Chinese experience with us to use the language to successfully equip themselves with the right tools to conquer the modern day challenges in Chinese speaking countries and when dealing with Mandarin Chinese speaking people. We endeavour to deliver effective, relevant and resourceful Mandarin Chinese learning solutions to all.

Although the Mandarin Chinese language and culture are authentic, at PACE MANDARIN, materials are designed to your needs which allow you to immediately apply what you have learnt. They are also taught and shared using innovative learning tools which contain a combination of text, glossary, listening comprehension notes, drills and copy characters for those learning to write. Other materials include flash cards, CDs/ sound files, online learning and other supplements. All materials can be individually customised to suit your needs therefore they are practical and topic based. Mandarin Chinese lovers would gain an unforgettable experience with us.

PACE MANDARIN offers a 360O learning solution, from conventional classroom concept Mandarin Chinese language programmes to media applications which can be downloaded by signing up an e-learning programme or from Survival Mandarin Chinese programmes to Industrial/ Technical Language related programmes. Programmes can be scheduled at your office, training centres, hotels or at our premise. We offer complete flexibility in time, location and learning methods. They can also be conducted in small groups or on a one-to-one basis.  Our facilitators are your ‘personal trainer’, regardless whether the programmes are conducted at a physical location or online, they will help to guide you through the process and at the same time, make your learning enjoyable and rewarding, and our programmes are accessible from anywhere around the world.

Whether you are looking for a new academic pursuit, new career skills or a new perspective on life, Mandarin Chinese is hands-down the best language to learn in order to get a head start in life. With PACE MANDARIN, we strive to be young and energetic by not limiting ourselves to conventional teaching methods but continuously improve and innovate through exposure to new, advance, reliable and proven teaching methodologies. We are always on the go!

In PACE MANDARIN, we love to teach, share and provide you with a glimpse of Mandarin Chinese pronunciation, character writing, meaning and word usage through our 365(1) online learning solution. This is a free learning tool that will guide you through the Mandarin Chinese learning journey with basic pronunciation of most of the Chinese characters covered, learn some vocabularies and acquire certain simple Mandarin Chinese sentence structure. It will help you explore your curiosity and enthusiasm about the Mandarin Chinese Language.

Our facilitators are professionals with academic credentials from China and abroad. They have extensive cross-cultural experience teaching and living in China and outside China which enhances the learning experience. Our facilitators are professionally trained to deliver maximum learning results. We avoid quenching individuals’ learning desire by reading straight from the materials or by having individuals recite without understanding. Our facilitators strive to use various hands on approaches including translation, short conversation, role play, songs, etc to familiarise individuals with the vocabularies. They are also exposed and trained with the latest teaching methods using multimedia technologies to improve the effectiveness of the programmes. With the expertise in teaching the Mandarin Chinese language and a resourceful database, PACE MANDARIN’s customised learning programmes are always relevant to individuals from different backgrounds and / or learning objectives.

If you feel like learning the Mandarin Chinese language, let your heart feel it, embrace it, then do it. At PACE MANDARIN, our role is to support and assist you in learning and sharing your experiences. So, let’s break down the Mandarin Chinese language barrier by allowing us to support your journey at a pace you are most comfortable with. We will hand hold you all the way!